These FAQs will answer the most common questions about the ALDI Testers Club.

  1. How often will ALDI send me product packs?

    The ALDI Testers Club is one-year program (your membership is one year, if you at least rate 50% of the products in each pack that we send you). We will send you 4 packs during a 12-month timeframe, so every 3 months you will receive a free product pack from us.

  2. What kind of products will be included?

    Products can be food or non-food items. Products are generally items which can handle the delivery (for example dairy or freezer products won’t be included to this program – sorry, fish finger lovers).

  3. If I’m female, will you be sending me male-centric products? Or if I have a gluten allergy, will you be sending me items that include gluten?

    Good question. At this stage, we are aiming to send items that aren’t gender specific. However, it’s important to remember that we may send our Testers items that are not relevant to them. In this case, participants have an option to cancel the pack or alternatively not to test those products (in our rules you only need to test 50% of the products in the pack in order to stay in the ALDI Testers Club). It’s also every Testers responsibility to ensure they don’t trial e.g. food items they’re allergic to, or items that are not suitable for them – so please read the packaging carefully!

  4. How many products does the pack include?

    Every three months, you’ll receive 10 free products to rate. That’s a total of 40 products a year.

  5. Do I have to pay for the pack if I don’t provide any rating, feedback or comments?

    Nope, Testers won’t have to pay a thing. However, we hope our Testers find the time to provide feedback and help improve our products.

  6. What do I get if I’m accepted into the ALDI Testers Club?

    Being a member of the ALDI Testers Club is an ALDI fan’s dream. You will get to try out 10 free products every quarter, including our latest and greatest products. This means you will directly influence the types of products we will stock in the future. Oh, and you will have fun sharing the products with your family and friends.

  7. What is required from me?

    If you’re lucky enough to be accepted into the club, here’s what will happen: you will receive a pack of products, which you will put to the test. Then you will log in to your account on the ALDI Testers Club website and rate the products (at least 50% of the products are required in our rules in order to stay in the club) and provide additional comments. Easy as pie.

  8. Can other Testers see my product ratings and feedback?

    Yes, but only after ratings and comments have been submitted. However, please note that only other Testers’ first names, suburb and states will be visible – any other personal information won’t be visible.

  9. Can the public see my product ratings and feedback?

    Nope – this club is for members only. However, we may use the product ratings and comments Testers Club members provide in our advertising and/or marketing communications. We may use Testers’ first names (but never last names), suburb and state, but no any other information will be shared publically. Please see ALDI’s privacy policy and our program T&Cs for further information.

  10. Can I cancel the pack if I don’t want the products?

    Yes. You can cancel it if you are not sure whether you can test the products. It’s always better to cancel the pack than accept it if you can’t test the products, but where’s the fun in that?

  11. Can I leave the club anytime?

    Yes, Testers can unsubscribe anytime they want from the club. But we’d be sad to see you go.

  12. Will I be automatically accepted?

    Unfortunately, due to high demand and limited memberships, we are unable to accept all applicants. If you’re not accepted the first time around, don’t be disheartened; we will keep your application details in our database for 12 months in case a new opportunity arises. You can also apply again when we recruit for more Testers.

  13. What kind of Testers you are looking for?

    We’re looking for Testers who are interested in ALDI’s products and generally in product testing. We hope testing and rating products is something they enjoy doing. If you’re an ALDI shopper, or a fan of our brand in general, make sure you mention it in your application, as this is seen as a big plus.

  14. What emails do you send me?

    We will send you emails in connection with the club from time to time. For example:

    a) When you apply we will send you an e-mail confirming we’ve received your application.

    b) When/if you are accepted, we will send you an e-mail confirming your Testers Club membership.

    c) Before we mail you the first pack, we will send you an email about the products included (and if you don’t want the pack you can cancel it).

    d) When the pack has been delivered we will send you a note saying the pack has been sent to you and we look forward to your rating.

    e) In the middle of the testing period, we will send you 1-2 reminder emails regarding the products you need to rate.

    f) If you fail to rate over 50% of the products in the pack, we will then send you an email stating that unfortunately you didn’t meet our requirements and won’t be in the club anymore.